Season 1, Episode 5: What do you know about the business of staging a home to help increase the chance of the sale, and potentially receiving a better offer? Why do un-informed sellers think so little of staging? It’s more than just placing some furniture, pictures, and plants in a home for sale. Pamela Coffey from Next/Level Home Staging, a true professional, highly-trained, and award-winning home stager and business owner shares insightful information, tips, and details about home staging. Sellers who have thoughts of selling need to watch (or listen) to this episode so they can more information to make a good decision about having their home staged…to sell!

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YouTube Short-Cut Chapter Markers available if you click on “YouTube” on bottom/right of video, it brings you to the YouTube page to see the Chapters. Closed-Captions (CC) is available too!

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