Beautiful parks that are still green!

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Beautiful parks that are still green!

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Some cities keep their parks green all the time! Another reason to consider where you live carefully. Parks are a wonderful option to have available near your home. Even if you do not have children, there’s nothing like ‘quiet time’ for yourself as well then walking in a beautiful, safe, clean park!

With dedication to preserving open space, the City of Irvine provides an array of opportunities for outdoor activities and exploration. The City boasts 19 community parks and more than 40 neighborhood parks and special facilities for residents to enjoy.

There are two kinds of parks: Community Parks and Neighborhood Parks:

IRVINE Community Parks

These parks usually have staff present or available. In many cases, you can rent the park for personal events (birthday parties, family functions, etc)

IRVINE Neighborhood Parks

Neighborhood parks typically do not have staff present and no facilities (ie, bathrooms!).

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